Rock House Recording

No minors chords allowed

Welcome to Rock House Recording!
Located in the middle of Sweden, 44 miles south of Östersund.
I'm offering you a professional music studio, a breathtaking wild nature, wonderful amazing and peaceful silent places. Between the sessions you can ski, explore the nature, Go Crazy with a snowmobile, enjoy water jet ski, fishing, hunting, hiking, and it's All Free for you. Free car, free cozy cabin 1200 sqf with 3 separate bedrooms and 2 wash room.
Free pick up at the airport.

Super affordable rates and access to ALL instruments and gears
- 1 day 8am-5pm USD 600
- 1 week 8am-5pm USD 3500
- 2 weeks 8am-5pm USD 6000
- 3 weeks 8am-5pm USD 8000
- 4 weeks 8am-5pm USD 10 000

Cabin, car, fishing tools, coffee!, snowmobile included.

The Sound of Rock




Guitar Accesories


450 sqft
19.7 ft ceiling
Floating floor
5 layers dry wall
Neve 5088 32 channels
I Mac Pro 2,3 GHz 18-Core Intel Xeon W 256 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro Vega 64X 16 GB
Pro tools
Vocal Booth

With a cozy control room and nice tracking space,
Out Of Control Room offers a laid-back environment for tracking, mixing, and overdubbing
  • Vigge, zip code 845 62, Sweden